Post#1: List of AX Tables

In order to help other AX specialists understand the tables in AX, Microsoft came up with a excel file that shows each table name and the below some of the attributes:

  • Table group (main, transaction, misc, group, etc.)
  • Table Type (Regular, tempdb, inMemory)
  • System Table (Yes,No)
  • Visible (Yes,No)
  • Shared
  • Release added to AX

These will help you navigate the abyss which is AX.

You can find the link below:

Please do note however that in true Microsoft fashion they have not used shared as a normal yes and no but instead are displaying the property savedatapercompany value which is quite confusing.

E.g. HcmWorker which is the employee table is a shared table so its savedatapercompany will be no and no is what you will find in the Shared column of the excel.


I inverted the same in my sheet since it made more logical sense. You may want to do the same.

Happy Axing 🙂


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