Post#4: DIEF – Importing Main Accounts (Part 1)

Main Accounts are nothing but the Chart of Accounts (COA) ledger accounts. Normally these are quite large and are normally imported.

Luckily this is one of the built in entities.

If you try and just import the main accounts without any other setup you will run into errors like below:


The chart of accounts does not exist

To solve the error you just need to setup the COA.

Keep in mind inorder for an import to work the following is required:

  1. Setup COA in GL module
  2. Setup ledger in GL module
  3. Create fiscal calender

If you don’t do the ledger setup and fiscal calender the data gets imported but does not display in the form.

Continue to my full post on importing Main accounts below:

Post#9: Importing Main Accounts Part 2

Happy Daxing 🙂

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