Post#5: Excel Addin – Issues of minimum fields

Excel addin is a wonderful tool really it is. It is quick to import, even shows errors neatly. Its really good for shared tables, non shared however becomes a chore if you have a lot of entities to deal with.

However that is not the issue i want to talk about today. I had to update the title table in AX which is HcmTitle this is used to store job title/designation information in HR. It is a simple table as simple as they come in base AX, it just has one field. Yes just one. Ha no need of getting technical team to create a job i guess i can use excel addin to import right ?


The issue is excel addin at least with  AX 2012 R3 CU8 requires a minimum of 2 columns to work !!! Yes you heard that right folks, but don’t take my word for it see for yourselves. If you try you will get the following error:


Well how to get around this issue if you really want to use excel addin ? Well just give excel addin what it wants…create a new column, use excel addin to import the records and the just delete the extra column. Who needs to trouble our already overworked poor ax technical consultant.

Happy Daxing…


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