Post#6: Special characters in AX master data

While we usually do try to avoid using special characters in master data in AX. Sometimes if missed out it can break functionality and reporting.

Of course special characters on some masters can be acceptable for example the ampersand “&” character in a vendor or customer master is fine. But try putting them in a financial dimension value and then Management reporters Tree filters in the Column or Row Definitions will not work.

Remember that if you use DIEF (Data Import Export Framework) it has its own delimiters that can be used for chart of accounts delimiter (main account + dimensions), this means that financial dimensions values must not contain any of the following:

–  (hyphen)

. (full stop)

_ (underscore)

| (pipe)

Else you will have issues while importing unless you change to a different delimiter. Save yourself a lot of grief and never accept any special characters in the financial dimensions.

That is all folks. As always please do comment and subscribe.

Happy Daxing.

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