Post#10: Changing Product Description

In Dynamics AX 2012 R3 after creating products and releasing them into one or more entities there is sometimes a need to change the product description.

There are two easy ways to achieve this:

1) Change using the Translation: Navigate to the Released products and click on the Product tab–>Translations button. Here you just need to edit the description and product name on the right and click on close.

2) Go to all products and product master. Click on the edit button of the item you want to modify and change the description then the released product will automatically change its description.


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Happy DAXing.


2 thoughts on “Post#10: Changing Product Description

  1. What if i want to do an import into D365 to update product description and search names due to many item number. What entities do i export and use as a template or what is the best way to this? Please advise. thank you!


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