Post#11: Dynamics AX tab in Excel missing

If you had excel adding working and it suddenly does not show the “Dynamics ax” section in excel like the screen below,  then please follow the steps below:


Open the Options menu in Excel under file and from the drop down select the COM ad-in and click the GO button.


Next select the Dynamics add-in as shown below and click OK.


As you can see below the new Dynamics AX excel addin tool is activated.


If you are facing issues in getting this by default every time you restart your PC you can try checking with your infrastructure team / system admin to update the registry. Here is a link below that could help:

Happy DAXing ppl.

2 thoughts on “Post#11: Dynamics AX tab in Excel missing

  1. it’s being disappear as soon as i close excel and reopen it. everytime i have to do this to show add-in again and again. Any idea what causes this?


    1. My infrastructure team couldn’t quite find out why as well. I tried even searching this on Lifecycle services but no answer. I am assuming this is something to do with the policies that effect the default startup excel COM add ins.

      Now that you mention it i did find the below link that shows that the excel addon startup can be controlled by registry. Try to get your system admin at the office to help publish this to all users or a user.


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