Post#12: DIEF – Importing Number Sequences

Importing most entities in DIEF are quite easy except for number sequences.

To understand what is involved lets take a case of a simple test number sequence as shown below:


The 3 main segment types that you would normally have:

  1. Company
  2. Constant
  3. Alphanumeric

For the import all the info in the above segments are housed in one field called “AnnotatedFormat”

It appears that for this Name column actually should contain special ascii characters like the Tab [char(09)] and line feed [char(10)].

You need to be aware of this, once you are aware of this you can create an excel file that can house the formula so it is easier for you.

If you refer to the excel file here. post12_excel1

Lines 3-5 contain a sample text of an csv file that you will need for a typical import. I will share with you an import file a little later in the post.

If you look at column N the “annotated format” is what we need to build.


If you use the table below you can build it yourself.


If you noticed on the formula I am using excel to embed the special characters. So depending on your segments you may need to tweak this. I have used two examples the first one uses even the company value as a segment, the second does not do this. Note both the formulas are different so you need to keep this in mind. The 2nd does not append the scope company or company value into the formula if you add this you will get a segment saying to add company name but no company so it would be an invalid record.

Lets try and upload the same now using this file which is the same as per the earlier excel file. post12_excel2

Note you will need to save this to CSV.

Use the built in processing group “Number sequence code” and follow the normal import steps. (you can refer to my previous post Post#9: Importing Main Accounts Part 2 if you are not experienced with DIEF)

Once completed lets go check on the new number sequences created.


There we have it folks easy way to import number sequences.


Please note: If your copying data from another legal entity don’t bother with using dixf to export data from DAX into CSV it has a bug (atleast with AX2012 R3 CU8) , don’t use that file instead go to staging table and export to excel. Then make sure the special characters are there else just use the formula to regenerate the same.




8 thoughts on “Post#12: DIEF – Importing Number Sequences

  1. Hi,
    I tried the same thing but I am still getting error while uploading number sequence code for annotated format.
    Please let me know what i am doing wrong while uploading.
    Thanks in advance.


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