Post#13: How to view Delegations in AX

In AX 2012 R3 you can choose to use change management which has workflow. Workflows can be used on sales, purchase and various HR actions.

Normally when people are going to go on leave it makes sense to delegate their responsibilities to another user who has similar security rights (security groups is not necessary).

Delegation can easily be achieved by using the menu point “File/Options/Delegation”. This menu point can assign a current user to a delegate, however if you are admin and need to do this for a different user you can select their user in
“System administration/Common/Users/Users” and select the options button.

Here you can click the add button and put in the required scope. In the delegate column you need to select the user id and then the start and end date. You can even add a comment  explaining why as show below. Don’t forget to click the enabled button to enable the workflow.


Now if you need to see all the existing and previous delegations set, i.e.  who is delegating what and to who you can find it in the table WorkflowWorkItemDelegationParameters


Just filter for the delegated to user or the user you want and you can find all the info you need as shown below:


Hope you found this helpful. Keep on DAXing 🙂


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