Post#14: How to manually push an approved Purchase Requisition (PR)

In AX 2012 R3, If you are using Purchase Requisitions (PR) and they are set to automatically create purchase orders based on the purchase policy. There are times when an approved PR doesn’t automatically change its status to closed and create a PO. In such cases you need to manually push the same.

For the answer you can click here. If you want to see the setup that should be in place to make the PO automatically carry on reading.

Navigate to “Procurement and sourcing/Setup/Policies/Purchasing policies”
Then check the policy rules and see the “Purchase order creation and demand consolidation rule”. Then double click on the active Policy rule.


Then view the “Manual Purchase order creation” menu point.


Solution: Navigate to “Procurement and sourcing/Common/Purchase requisitions/Release approved purchase requisitions” then filter for the PR# that was approved. Here it will list all the lines of a PR.

Make sure you select all the filtered lines and then click on the “Create Purchase order” button. This will create the PO for you.



Hope this post is useful to you. Keep on DAXing 🙂


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