Post#18: Cannot Delete Fixed Asset (not yet Aquired)

I came across an odd case where I could not delete a fixed asset that was not yet acquired, so technically no financial impact.

The error displayed was:

A financial dimension value is based on the XXX record and has been used on a transaction. You cannot delete the XXX record.


Based on discussions with the technical team the following solution was advised.

Since the Fixed Asset number is referred in dimension tables, we have to do the below work around steps to delete the fixed asset master record.

  1. Open the DimAttributeAssetTable view via the AOT and filter the Fixed asset id value and note down the record id.  (Please make sure login to right company and filter the value)


  2. Open the DimensionAttributeValue table via the AOT and filter by the same recId in entityInstance field. Now mark the checkbox on the isDeleted flag.


  3. Now you can open the fixed asset master and filter the record and delete it.

Happy Daxing ppl.



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