Post#20: Orphaned Work Items via Workflow

When you use workflow for Transactions in DAX there may be a possibility where the user who submits the transaction deletes the transaction instead of recalling the approval before deletion.

This will cause the approval work item to sit in the approver’s queue and will display an error when the approver tries to either view the originating transaction or approve the work item.

The error displayed is:

Data record not found


When this occurs the easiest way to solve the issue is to ask the user for the screenshot of their Home–>Common–>Work Items–>Work Items assigned to me  screen.

This is required as you will need to Filter for the user, and status as pending along with the created date and time in the WorkflowWorkItemTable.

Open the table via AOT and filter for the 3 fields as shown below.


Now you need to update the status field as Completed instead of pending. This will now not show up in the “users work items assigned to me” screen.

Issue Resolved.

Thank you and keep DAXing.




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