Post#22: PO Confirm button Greyed Out

Found an interesting case in DAX AX 2012 R3 of a Purchase Order that completed all approvals in workflow and approval status changed to “Approved” however the “Confirm” button was not enabled. So the business user could not proceed further.


On checking the PurchLine table via AOT, I found that the column named “Blocked” had records where Blocked=1.

On MSDN there was not much detail on the field as shown below:


Even though logging on the table was enabled it showed the user did not not update the same. None of the other POs in the system ever had any rows with blocked=1.

Based on this I manually changed this back to blocked=0 for the records in this PO. This fixed the issue as the button became enabled and user was then able to confirm the PO.

Keep on DAXing.









One thought on “Post#22: PO Confirm button Greyed Out

  1. Hi Ashwin,

    This is a standard behaviour of AX. On a purchase order lines form, users have an option to stop purchase of a particular line. The check box is located in General tab itself. Once you select this check box, the blocked field in purchase lines table for the given line is set to 1. If it is the only line in your PO or if all lines in your PO are stopped then you cannot confirm that purchase order.


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