Post#26: Removing an existing Accounting Structure

Ever found an issue with the existing accounting structure and wanted to fix it by replacing it with a different Accounting structure.

You can do this easily but you need to do some pre-requisite ground work first:

  1.  Clear all open GL/AP/AR journals
  2. Clear all open Vendor/Customer transactions 

For point 2 you can use the SQL query below:

select * from CustTransOpen where dataareaid='XXX'
select * from VendTransOpen where dataareaid='XXX'

If you have a lot of open unsettled vendor invoices you can use the AX reversal functionality from the vendor balance screen as shown below:

Then the users can redo the invoices with a revision once you put the new accounting structure in.

After point 1 and 2 have been completed. 

Lets begin.

Current status is: Legal Entity SIG4 -> FHL account Structure
Required status is: Legal Entity SIG4 -> SIG4 account Structure

Click on the Remove button:

Click Yes, next is a warning message depending on how many transactions you have you might want to do this when no users are online. Also in order not to waste time it is ideal that your new accounting structure is already created and ready. 

Now click on the green add button and select your new accounting structure:

That is it your all done. 

Just remember that if the users try and copy an old journal, use earlier created periodic journals or voucher templates (from older journal) these will reference the old lines which are made with the old accounting structure. Only new transactions can work with these copy functionalities. This is one of the small disadvantages I have noticed in changing the accounting structure.

Happy AXing  people.

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