Post#27: Database Logging

Database logging is the enabling of logging on master, parameters/settings and transnational data in AX.

In AX 2012 before go live on any implementation it is best practice to setup logging on the key tables that are important to the business from an audit point of view.

The steps below will show you how to setup logging on GL parameters setup:

Navigate to Systems Administration->Setup–>Database->Database Log Setup

 Click on the New button. Select the Radio button Show all tables.

Open the General Ledger tree

Select Checkbox of the Ledger Parameters branch

Now click Next.

Now select what type of change do you want the system to log.

Then click Next to save.

That is it.

Lets now see how this works. I will change an existing setup in GL parameters of the voucher used from “Reject duplicates when financial year” to “Reject Duplicates”.

After making the change right click on the field and click the record info option.

Now select the Database log button.

Here you can see the log of the update in the overview screen and to view the further details click on the History tab here in the table you can view the previous and the changed value.

Normally the following tables should be tracked at a bare minimum:

Table Names
Bank accounts
Sales tax codes
Main account
Fixed assets
Fixed asset major type
Customer parameters
Ledger parameters
Vendor parameters
Bank parameters
Fixed asset parameters

If you have low transactions counts as well in Purchase orders and Sales order you could also log them but try not to do the lines as they will slow down the system and increase the database size.

That is all folks. Thanks and keep AX’ing…

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