Post#29: How Invoice Due Date is Calculated?

In AX 2012 the vendor invoice due date is calculated based on different criteria.

It depends on the transaction date, document date and payment terms. I have listed some examples of how the system will calculate the same below:

When you use AP invoice journal to book invoices keep the above in mind, It is almost the same with Purchase order invoice journals but for PO invoice you cannot change the payment terms just the other fields.

How to change Due date on a recorded invoice ?
If you want to change the due date on any AP invoice you can Navigate to Accounts payable–>Common–>Vendor invoices–>Open vendor invoices.
Select the invoice whose due date you want to change. Then click on Settle open transactions.

Then edit the Due date in the grid and click on the update button.

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2 thoughts on “Post#29: How Invoice Due Date is Calculated?

  1. Hi,
    on Receivables, there is this Payment terms base date field on SO Header view under Price and discount section. It affects how the due date is calculated. I’m not sure though how is this used in regular transactions when we already have payment terms + Transaction date/invoice date calculation. Hope you can give some explanation/scenarios to this.


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