Post#30: DIEF – Importing Custom Financial Dimensions

In AX 2012 there are two types of Financial Dimensions:
a) Custom type
b) Built in types (department, workers, customer, vendor, projects,etc.)

Below is an example of how to import custom type financial dimensions using DIEF. Follow the below steps:

1) Check what dimensions already exist. To check go to:
General ledger> Setup>Financial Dimension>Financial Dimensions

2) Create a New processing group. Click On “Entities” button.

3) Now click on the “Generate Source File” to select the required columns. The below four fields should be the bare minimum.

4) Now click on “Generate sample file”, fill in the data and select the file and click on the “Preview source file” to check if the data is correctly displayed. Then Click Ok.

5) Click on the “Get Staging Data” button to now import the file to the staging table.

6) Click OK

7) Now click “Run”

8) You should see the info log on how many records have been imported to staging.

9) Now click on the “Execution History” button

10) Click on the “View Staging Data” button

11) Check the data and click on ” Validate all” to make sure all records are ok.

12) If errors obviously you need to fix the same in the excel/csv file and re-upload to staging. If no errors click on the “Copy data to target”

13) Click on the “Run” button

14) Click on the “Ok” button

15) Verify the same number of records in the info log have been created as expected

16) Now check if the required new dimensions have been created by going to the financial dimensions master.

Thats it. Quite simple.

Happy DAXing…

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