Post#34: GL -Journal Types

What are the uses of the “Journal types” field in the Journal names setup in the General Ledger?

The types are available in the “General Ledger>Setup>Journals>Journal Names” setup of the journals as shown below:

There are a bunch of different types. Microsoft has a page detailing all of them here:

Based on my experience they are used:

  1. To filter what types of journals can be created in a menu point. Eg. in General Ledger module when you click on “General Journal” only journal names of the type “Daily” will be available for creation.
  2. When creating workflows on journals some of the workflows are filtered for specific types. Eg. if you select the journal type as “Vendor Disbursement” you can only select workflows of the type “Vendor Disbursement journal workflow” , a validation is in place so that you cannot select an incompatible workflow.

Below is the workflow that was created of the required type, notice we have other workflows but since they are not of the type vendor disbursement they are not available as a selection:

That is all folks. Happy Daxing.

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