Post#35: GL Reversing Entry

In AX 2012 R3 in the General Ledger module there is a functionality on all daily journals to have the lines posted as a reversal. There are two fields on the journal lines or header can be setup to enable this reversal.

Lets go through a simple example:

Step1: Create the GL journal, note that initially the reversal fields will be empty.

Step2: Tick the reversing entry box and enter a reversing date, this is an optional step but it saves time if you have multiple lines and they are all to be reversed so you do not need to re-enter these fields for every single line in the journal.

Step3: Go to the Journal Lines, here you will notice that the reverse fields are already filled in automatically.

Step4: Now lets enter 2 lines that we need to post for the current date but the reversal to be posted for the month end.

Step5: On posting the journal the system immediately will create additional lines which are the reversal lines and will also post those lines vouchers along with the original lines.

As you can see 4 vouchers were recorded in the infolog on posting.

Note the additional reversal lines created by the system:

Some notes on this feature:

  • The reversal is posted immediately on the posting of the journal and cannot be scheduled for the date of the reversing date. So the books are impacted immediately with the reversal posting.
  • If the journal header is setup with reversing fields before the lines are entered, the same fields are repeated for any new lines created.
  • The journal header does not actually effect the postings, the lines are the ones that effect the posting. The purpose of the header is only for defaulting the reversing fields on the journal lines.
  • The reversing date must be greater than the transaction date of the journal else error message is displayed.
  • You have a single journal with multiple voucher lines and different reversing dates you should set the “reversing entry” on the header but keep the dates blank in the header and then enter the dates on the line.
  • On posting a journal with reversing lines the lines get added to the same journal after posting, in this case the original lines will have the “reversing entry” checked and the lines without would be the reversal lines.
  • If the reversing entry checkbox is ticked a reversing date is mandatory, date cannot be blank.

That is all folks. Thank you again. I hope you found the post helpful in understanding this feature.

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