Post#37: Setting up Accounts Payable PO Invoice Workflow

Accounts payable module has quite a few workflows that can be setup. I will be detailing one such workflow, which is the purchase order invoice workflow in this post.

The objective is to add a layer of approval on the posting of a purchase order invoice.


The setup involves creating a new Accounts Payable workflow specifically for PO invoices.

This needs to be setup for every legal entity in which Procurement module is setup since it is not a global/shared workflow.

For the purpose of this example I created a simple workflow that sends request to a group, and anyone in the group need to approve (single approver).

In the properties of the main workflow I have just setup the below:

Note : Prerequisites for workflow would be to setup Organisational Admin>Setup>Email Templates

In the next level inside the step “PO invoice Approval”,in the basic settings I setup:

I set the assignment to participant to push it to the user groups.

In the role based tab, I selected the required user group.

In the completion policy tab I wanted a single approver so I selected the same.

That is all that is required for the workflow.

Once you activate the workflow, on the PO invoicing posing form, the requester will now see a new submit button on a yellow bar.

The requester will not be able to click on the POST button directly without submitting the invoice for approval since the workflow is in place.

If a user tries to click on the post button before approval of invoice, they will get the following error message:

Once the purchase order invoice is submitted by the requester, the approver can see the invoice both in their queue in the work items assigned to me screen:

The approver can then select the required work item and click on the open button so that they can view the original PO invoice in the pending vendor invoices section:

Once approved:

The in-review icon on the PO invoice will no longer be visible, this is the little icon that is shown before the number field in the grid, users can use this a visual reference to check if the pending invoice has been approved:

In the pending vendor invoices screen the requester can then select the required pending invoice and click on the Post button on the action bar and then click on the final post button of the pop-up window.

If you have a PO where you already have submitted one invoice for approval and now need to submit an additional invoice you can follow the below steps:

  1. Click on Invoice button on PO to create invoice
  2. The next screen will display the first invoice which is already in workflow status you can view both the icon as well as view the status as pending. Here you will need to click on the new line which has status as “New” then make sure to select the default quantity for the lines as “Ordered quantity” (if not using GRN) and then click on edit.

That is all folks. I hope this was clear. I did not see many posts on this particular subject so I hope it helps anyone else.

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Keep on DAXing…

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