Post#12: DIEF – Importing Number Sequences

Importing most entities in DIEF are quite easy except for number sequences. To understand what is involved lets take a case of a simple test number sequence as shown below: The 3 main segment types that you would normally have: Company Constant Alphanumeric For the import all the info in the above segments are housed … Continue reading Post#12: DIEF – Importing Number Sequences


Post#9: Importing Main Accounts Part 2

In one of my earlier posts I described the pre-requisites before you import Main accounts. You can find it here Post#4: DIEF – Importing Main Accounts Now we will go into the exact steps necessary for a simple DIEF upload.   The concept for import is simple: Need to create an import file (template) with data Import … Continue reading Post#9: Importing Main Accounts Part 2